AI for Retail

Identifying Out-Of-Stock & misplaced/ disarranged products on Grocery Shelves in Real Time 

Grocery Monitoring

Cognitiwe uses A.I. to keep shelves stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables at all times.

Shelves Monitoring

Cognitiwe AI platform is already trained and optimized for key use cases.

Freshness control

You can obtain actionable insights, online reports and API enabled classification to enhance your company processes.

Cognitiwe AI Platform

A deep learning based Model to detect out of stock or misplaced product in real time. It allows the real time monitoring and helps in pin-pointing these issue which results in better customer experience and more business for Store or Mart.

Use Cases

Grocery Monitoring

 AI is an incredibly useful tool for all businesses since it can learn from the data that it processes, becoming an increasingly bespoke product as time progresses. It’s a continually learning inventory and reordering system for Retailers, which offers increasingly detailed and useful insights.

Cognitiwe develops an advanced application to estimate the stock level of uncountable products and offers them to its customers. While it is very difficult to follow the stock level in fruit and vegetable crates in normal condition, Cognitiwe has made it possible to monitor this in real time.

Shelves and Planogram Monitoring

The presence of the products in exhibitors and their location normally responds to a sales maximization strategy.
Until now, verifying that the agreed products are in the correct quantity and position was a laborious, slow and expensive process that is not performed correctly or is not performed frequently.

Cognitiwe systems can examine retail shelves to determine efficient placement of items and see if items are out of stock or out of place. This would save employees a great deal of time and effort, letting them focus on activities such as assisting customers.

Freshness control

Characteristic of fruits and vegetables is appearance that impacts their market value, the consumer’s preference and choice. Although, the sorting and grading can be done by human but it is inconsistent, time consuming, variable, subjective, onerous, expensive and easily influenced by surrounding.

Cognitiwe solution addresses fruits and vegetables quality based on color, texture, size, shape and defects. It create reports and alerts in realtime.

Migros tracks products on the shelves with AI solution powered by Cognitiwe

An AI-powered system is developed by processing data with advanced analysis techniques. Using this system, which obtains data from installed cameras, Migros has gained cognitive abilities such as recognizing the products in the aisle and estimating shelf occupancy rates.