As COVID-19 cases increase sharply nationwide, some health experts are now recommending that seemingly healthy members of the public wear cloth masks when they’re out and about or in workplaces.

Cognitiwe delivers a quick product which detects face masks and social distancing with CCTV camera in closed areas like factories, stores, public transports or hospitals.

Mask Detection:

Using Cognitiwe to analyze CCTV feeds, mask usage can be tracked, and actions can be run in case a person without a mask is detected. This action can vary from disabling the gates to ringing an alarm or sending messages to relevant parties.

Tracking Social Distancing:

Using Cognitiwe to analyze CCTV feeds, social distancing can be tracked, and actions can be run if behavior against social distancing or a crowd is detected. This action can vary from disabling the gates to ringing an alarm or sending messages to relevant parties.

Guide to social distancing.

Make a plan

This is when we tap into our inner resourcefulness. Whether we have a family or don’t, we need to be prepared for that amount of time at home. But that plan needs to be about preparation, not panic.


We don’t need to buy out all the hand sanitizer or toilet paper. We don’t need to stock up for six months of isolation. We just need to get what we think we’ll need for a reasonable amount of time. When we react from panic and start hoarding, not only are we shorting other families who need these supplies, we’re also handicapping medical personnel and service workers who actually need face masks, gloves, and sanitizers so that they can do their jobs.


Let’s all have a moment of silent gratitude for all the streaming services. If you don’t have any, it could be time for a free trial. We might as well get caught up on those shows we never have time to watch. But we need to think bigger than binge-watching. We can get caught up on our reading — on Medium and with whatever reading pile waits for us to find the time. We now have the time.

We can only do so much watching TV, playing video games, and reading. It might be time to break out coloring books and board games and to figure out creative ways to spend time in our homes. We could also turn home projects and crafting. We just need to make a plan for what we’ll do with our time.


We’re stuck inside, and all regularly scheduled programming in our lives has been canceled. Stores are closing, sports events are being canceled, and mayhem reigns supreme at local grocery stores and pharmacies. Might as well learn something. Podcasts, YouTube tutorials, online classes, and even learning apps all offer opportunities to broaden our horizons. Travel enthusiasts can watch travel programs or learn about a desired future destination. Whatever subject has long captured our interest can be indulged with this extra time available to do it. Granted, many of us are still working for home, but we can turn a little of our leisure time toward learning.


We still need exercise. We just need to do more of it in isolation. Luckily, there are plenty of free workout videos.  It could be a great time to start a new, healthy habit by choosing an exercise program for ourselves and our families. Staying active, even when sequestered, can be a great habit for all the days we can’t make it to the gym, to a fitness class, or outdoors for exercise.