Cognitiwe helps companies to control Face Masks and Social Distancing during Covid-19. Click for details.

We transform your Video to Data

AI video analytics for automatic real-time critical event detection.

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Actionable Video Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence

Cognitiwe uses mathematical algorithms to extract useful information from images captured by CCTV cameras.

We are video analytics experts with proprietary technology compatible with your existing hardware.


Smart Stock

Montoring inventory in real-time for display stock in retails or for manufacturing.

Quality Control

Detecting defects before products reach the market.

Workplace Safety

Helping organizations to effectively and efficiently manage and prevent incidents in security and operations.


Cognitiwe offers solutions for workplace safety, quality control and physical security for manufacturing powered by Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision with your current hardware CCTV cameras without any additional hw requirements.


Cognitiwe provides the most powerful, accurate and consistent way for retailers to collect, measure and analyse what is happening on the physical shelf.

Migros tracks products on the shelves with AI solution powered by Cognitiwe

An AI-powered system is developed by processing data with advanced analysis techniques. Using this system, which obtains data from installed cameras, Migros has gained cognitive abilities such as recognizing the products in the aisle and estimating shelf occupancy rates.

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Satisfied Customers

Without requiring any extra investment, we completed the process quickly with our existing system infrastructure and technological infrastructure opportunities provided by Cognitiwe and Microsoft Azure.Bahadır Kaan Uysal

R&D Operational Service Management Department, Migros

Now we have the opportunity to meet our customers with the freshest products as we can instantly take action if the availability of a product is below the critical level.Cem Tunçay

Format Director, Migros